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News & Events

Nov 16, 2021Measurement Science Conference
Oct 25, 2021C-130 TCG World Wide Review - Orlando, FL
Sep 14, 2021Motion + Power Technology Expo - St. Louis, MO
Sep 7, 2021SAE Noise and Vibration Conference & Exhibition - Grand Rapids, MI
Aug 22, 2021NCSL International Workshop and Symposium - Orlando, FL
Jun 21, 2021PowderMet - Orlando, FL
Jun 3, 2021Solutions for Condition Monitoring Webinar Series
May 11, 2021Global Condition Monitoring Webinar Series
May 5, 2021Modal Testing Webinar Series
Apr 14, 2021NCSL International Technical Exchange
Feb 9, 2021IMAC XXXIX
Jan 21, 2021Condition Monitoring: Solutions for Safety and Uptime
Jan 14, 2021White Paper Published: Quality Inspection of Gas Turbine Blades Using NDT-RAM
Jan 7, 2021Lattice Structure Inspection in Additively Manufactured Parts: New Research Published
Nov 5, 2020Safety Critical - Vibration And Noise Monitoring
Sep 15, 2020Global Sound And Vibration Measurements Webinar Series
Jul 14, 2020Sound And Vibration Measurements Webinar Series
Jun 30, 2020NDT for Additive Manufacturing: New Research Published
Apr 2, 2020Vibration Calibration: From Sensor Selection to Calibration Results Webinar Series
Feb 10, 2020IMAC XXXVIII - Houston, TX
Dec 5, 2019Calibration Measurement Results: The Effects of Shaker and Accelerometer Choices
Nov 14, 2019Accelerometer Calibration: From Mechanical to Electrical Techniques Webinar
Oct 24, 2019Accelerometer Design: What You Need to Know to Select the Best Accelerometer for Your Test Webinar
Oct 17, 2019Modal Testing Demystified Webinar
Oct 15, 2019Motion + Power Technology Expo - Detroit, MI
Sep 26, 2019Vibration Shakers: Understanding the Basics Webinar
Sep 25, 2019Sensors and Instrumentation Live - Birmingham, UK
Aug 24, 2019NCSL International Workshop and Symposium - Cleveland, OH
Aug 22, 2019Data-to-Go: Your ICP® Sensors Digitized Webinar
Jun 23, 2019PowderMet - Phoenix, AZ
Jun 11, 2019SAE Noise and Vibration Conference & Exhibition - Grand Rapids, MI
Jun 11, 2019NDT-RAM Quality Inspection Technology Seminar - St Marys, PA
Apr 29, 2019Ceramics Expo - Cleveland, OH
Apr 27, 2019Cast Expo - Atlanta, GA
Apr 16, 2019Measurement Science Conference - Anaheim, CA
Feb 25, 2019NCSLI Technical Exchange - Orlando, FL
Jan 28, 2019IMAC XXXVII - Orlando, FL
Oct 23, 2018Automotive Testing Expo - Novi, MI
Sep 17, 2018ISMA - Leuven, Belgium
Sep 10, 2018IMTS - Chicago, IL
Aug 27, 2018NCSL International Workshop and Symposium - Portland, OR
Aug 8, 2018University of Cincinnati, Structural Dynamics Research Lab's Experimental Techniques Seminar Series - Cincinnati, OH
Jun 26, 2018HydroVision International - Charlotte, NC
Jun 17, 2018PowderMet - San Antonio, TX
Jun 12, 2018NDT-RAM Quality Inspection Technology Seminar - Kersey, PA
May 22, 2018JM Test South Louisiana Vendor Trade Show - Gonzales, LA
Apr 24, 2018Gulf South Rotating Machinery Symposium - Baton Rouge, LA
Mar 21, 2018Measurement Science Conference - Anaheim, CA
Mar 20, 2018Electric Power Conference and Exhibition - Nashville, TN
Feb 26, 2018NCSLI Technical Exchange - Orlando, FL
Feb 12, 2018IMAC XXXVI - Orlando, FL
Oct 26, 2017JM Test Southeast Texas Vendor Trade Show - Baytown, TX
Oct 24, 2017Gear Expo - Columbus, OH
Oct 24, 2017Automotive Testing Expo - Novi, MI
Sep 25, 2017Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show - Mississauga, ON, Canada
Aug 14, 2017NCSL International Workshop and Symposium - Oxon Hill, MD
Jun 14, 2017PowderMet - Las Vegas, NV
Jun 12, 2017SAE Noise and Vibration Conference and INCE NOISE-CON
Jun 6, 2017NDT-RAM Powdered Metal Seminar - Kersey, PA
Jun 6, 2017Microphone Fundamentals and Advanced Applications Seminar and Hands-on Workshop - Buffalo, NY
May 12, 2017Dynamic Sensors and Calibration Seminar - Cincinnati, OH
Apr 26, 2017Metalcasting Congress - Milwaukee, WI
Apr 5, 2017Measurement Science Conference - Anaheim, CA
Apr 4, 2017Dynamic Sensors and Calibration Seminar - Anaheim, CA
Apr 3, 2017IMVAC - Dubai, UAE
Jan 30, 2017IMAC – XXXV – Garden Grove, CA
Jan 23, 2017NCSLI Technical Exchange - Orlando, FL
Jan 19, 2017JM Test Systems – Baton Rouge, LA
Oct 25, 2016Automotive Testing – Novi, MI
Oct 24, 2016C-130 International Technical Review – Orlando, FL
Sep 21, 2016Dynamic Calibration Seminar - Expanding Mechanical Metrology: Cincinnati, OH
Sep 12, 2016IMTS 2016
Jul 24, 2016NCSLI - St. Paul, MN
Jun 14, 2016Non-Destructive Testing - Resonant Acoustic Seminar - St.Mary's, PA
Jun 12, 2016Noise Con - Providence, RI
Jun 6, 2016PowderMet - Boston, MA
May 10, 2016NDT-RAM Technical Seminar – Cincinnati, OH
Apr 16, 2016Cast Expo - Minneapolis, MN
Mar 22, 2016Dynamic Sensors and Calibration Techniques Seminar - Anaheim, CA
Mar 22, 2016Sensor and Excitation Methods Seminar - British Columbia, Canada
Feb 12, 2016Inertial Shaker on the Scene
Oct 23, 2015NCSLI Michigan Section Meeting/Dynamic Sensors & Calibration Training
Sep 30, 2015Calibrate Vibration Sensors in 60 Seconds
Aug 13, 2015Dynamic Sensors and Calibration Techniques Seminar - Phoenix, AZ
Jul 24, 2015Dynamic Sensors and Calibration Techniques Seminar -Dallas, TX
Jun 24, 2015Portable Vibration Calibrator Reduces Risk, Confirms Accuracy at Low Frequencies
Jun 23, 2015The Modal Shop, Inc. Installs Ultra High Pressure Calibration System at Chesapeake Testing
May 13, 2015Cincinnati Dynamic Sensors and Calibration Seminar
May 6, 2015NDT
Mar 5, 2015San Jose, CA - Dynamic Sensors/Calibration Seminar
Mar 3, 2015Torrance, CA - Dynamic Sensors and Calibration Techniques Seminar
Nov 19, 2014The Modal Shop, Inc. Redefines Proximity Probe Calibration
Oct 1, 2014Washington, D.C. Dynamic Sensors and Calibration Techniques Seminar -FREE
Aug 5, 2014Unchecked Proximity Probes Produce An Alarming Trend
Jun 16, 2014Complimentary Vibration Technology Training -July 31, 2014
Mar 19, 2014Cincinnati Dynamic Sensor and Calibration Open House -May 14, 2014
Jan 17, 2014Chicago Seminar on Vibration Calibration - March 27, 2014
Oct 9, 2013NDT Seminar at Automotive Testing Expo, October 23, 2013
Jul 8, 2013Calibration Seminar July 19th at NCLI Symposium Location
Apr 25, 2013Sensor and Calibration Seminars in Brazil - May 2013
Apr 20, 2013Canadian Sensor and Calibration Seminar - May 1, 2013
Apr 3, 2013TMS NDT Group at FEIMAFE in Brazil June 3-8, 2013
Mar 26, 2013Small Part Quality Inspection Product Leverages Sound
Mar 6, 2013Portable Vibration Calibration with Certificate Generation
Mar 5, 2013Non-Destructive Testing Seminars April 23, 2013
Jan 24, 2013California Sensor and Calibration Seminars - February 14th and 15th
Jan 23, 2013Charlotte Calibration Seminar - February 8th
Jan 9, 2013MIT And Ohio University Use Vibration in Research
Dec 5, 2012Modal Shop Receives 2012 Best of Cincinnati Award
Jun 14, 20129100D Portable Vibration Calibrator Wins 2012 Best of Sensors Expo Award
May 30, 2012K9100D Innovates Portable Vibration Calibration
May 7, 2012Nodular Iron Testing with Resonant Inspection
Nov 20, 2011Complete Vibration Shaker Systems
Nov 1, 2011New Sound and Vibration Rental Selection Guide
Oct 26, 2011NDT-RAM System Computer Streamlines Quality Inspection
Oct 19, 2011New Portable Vibration Calibrator Simplifies Accelerometer Calibration
Sep 9, 2011Quality Inspection of Small Parts
Jul 6, 2011Web Updates Offer Expanded NDT-RAM Product and Application Support
Apr 20, 2011SmartShaker™, with Integrated Amplifier, Dramatically Reduces Mechanical Excitation System Weight and Bulk
Mar 15, 2011New Long Stroke Shaker Improves Low Frequency Calibrations
Jan 14, 2011IMAC XXIX
Dec 20, 2010Calibration Interlaboratory Comparison Program
Dec 7, 2010NDT-RAM Software Upgrade Simplifies Metal Component Part Inspection
Nov 22, 2010Vibration Shaker Selection Guide
Nov 18, 2010Vibration Data Acquisition Digitizers and Source Cards Discounted
Sep 13, 2010Resonant Inspection Simplified with NDT Drop Test Fixture
Aug 11, 2010Sound Level Meter Rental Source
Jul 29, 2010Resonant Inspection NDT Trials Made Easy
Jul 21, 2010TMS Collaborates with Universities
Jun 23, 2010New USB TEDS Sensor Interface Kit
Jun 15, 2010NDT Resonant Inspection Systems a Solution for Preventing Major Product Recalls
Mar 30, 2010SmartShaker Offers Reliability, Performance and Integration
Feb 16, 2010The Modal Shop Celebrates Its 20th Year of Serving the Sound and Vibration Community
Feb 16, 2010TMS Growth Years
Jan 5, 2010The Modal Shop's 75 lbf Platform Shaker Serves Dual Purpose
Dec 31, 2009NVH testing for brake system quality now feasible on the plant floor with the NDT-RAM Systems
Dec 1, 2009Electro-dynamic Exciter Family Promotion Program for Universities and Educational Facilities
Nov 24, 2009Rental Services Program Supports Discovery Channels Mythbusters
Nov 20, 2009The Modal Shop offers medical manufacturers the solution to wasted inspection time and cost
Nov 9, 2009Resonant Inspection Perfect for MIM Medical Component Inspection
Oct 5, 2009Instrumented Impact Hammer Calibration System
Sep 4, 2009The Modal Shop Announces the Model 2100E21 Series SmartAmp
Aug 6, 2009New Electro-Dynamic Exciter System Selection Guide
Jul 22, 2009Drop Test Fixture Allows for Simplified Automation for Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAM) for Small Metal Component Part Inspection
Jul 1, 2009The Modal Shop Introduces the SmartShaker
Jun 10, 2009Resonant Inspection Perfect for Bearing Race Inspection
Jun 1, 2009Resonant Inspection ASTM Standard Revised and Released
May 21, 2009A2LA Accreditation expands to include Laser Primary Accelerometer Calibration Services
May 21, 2009NDT-RAM Software Upgrade Simplifies Criteria Set-up and Validation for Metal Component Part Inspection
May 7, 20099100C Provides NIST Traceable, 17025 Compliant Certificates for Vibration Sensors and Proximity Probes
Mar 30, 2009Improved Low Frequency Accelerometer Calibration
Feb 27, 2009New Mini Shakers are now available
Jan 29, 2009IMAC XXVII Papers and Presentations
Dec 5, 2008Introducing Adaptable Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAM) for Metal Component Part Inspection
Aug 22, 2008New Modal Excitation Information Guide
Aug 4, 2008No Cost Feasibility Studies for Resonant Inspection NDT
Jun 30, 2008Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAM) Part Quality Test Systems
Jun 10, 2008Weight Compensation Aids Flexibility of NDT-RAM
Jun 3, 2008New Modal Shaker Available in Equipment Rental Program
May 30, 2008Accelerometer Calibration Workstation Fits Every Need
May 30, 2008Air Bearing Shaker System Improves Calibration Accuracy
May 21, 2008Resonant Inspection perfect for Powder Metal Parts Inspection
Mar 31, 2008New Lightweight, 100 lbf, Modal Shaker
Mar 27, 2008The Modal Shop Achieves A2LA Accreditation to ISO17025
Feb 8, 2008New Rental Additions Increase Testing Capabilites
Oct 22, 2007Accelerometer Calibration Workstation Enhances Capabilities
Oct 19, 2007Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAM) is Ideal Method for Ductile Iron Nodularity Testing
Oct 18, 2007New USB TEDS Sensor Interface Kit
Sep 19, 2007Trying Resonant Inspection Nondestructive Testing Just Got Easier
Sep 17, 2007Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAM) Perfect for Powder Metal
May 4, 2007Sound Level Meter Rental
Feb 23, 2007Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAM) Ideal for Cast Parts
Jan 22, 2007New Lightweight, 100 lbf, Modal Shaker from The Modal Shop
Jan 4, 2007Shock Sensor Calibration Now Available for the Accelerometer Calibration Workstation
Oct 30, 2006NDT-RAM Industrial Quality Assurance Solutions
Sep 29, 2006Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAM) Ideal for Testing for Nodularity in Ductile Iron Parts
Sep 29, 2006NDT-RAM Software Upgrade Reduces Time to Set Accurate Criteria Windows for Metal Component Part Inspection
Sep 28, 2006New USB TEDS Sensor Interface Kit
Sep 25, 2006Acoustic Calibration Workstation Automates Microphone Calibration
Aug 31, 2006Validate Component Part Quality with NDT-RAM
Aug 31, 2006Multitude of Options for Accelerometer Calibration Workstation
Jul 31, 2006Free Parts Evaluation Using NDT Methodology
Jul 31, 2006Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAM™) Perfect for Powder Metal
Jul 31, 2006Accelerometer Calibration Workstation Fits Every Need
Jul 1, 2006USB Powered, Two Channel ICP Sensor Powered Conditioner
Jun 30, 2006NDT-RAM™ System Offerings
Jun 30, 2006Test and Measurement Equipment Rental
Jun 19, 2006Resonant Inspection NDT White Paper Released
May 30, 2006New Rental Additions Increase Testing Capabilities
May 30, 2006NDT-RAM™ Software Upgrade Simplifies Criteria Set-up and Validation for Metal Component Part Inspection
May 11, 2006New ICP LaserTach Measures Rotational Speed
Apr 28, 2006Grand Opening of West Coast Calibration Services Center
Apr 25, 2006NDT-RAM™ is Ideal for Testing Brake Components
Apr 3, 2006ICP Preamplifier/Divider for Tachometer Signals
Mar 27, 2006Acquisition of Black Star Measurement Technology's products and intellectual property
Mar 27, 2006Free ROI Studies for financially justifying NDT-RAM™ Systems
Feb 25, 2006Resonance testing now available for the 9155C Accelerometer Calibration Workstation
Jan 25, 2006Linearity Check Now Available for Accelerometer Calibration Workstation
Jan 25, 2006New software (NDT-ESP) aids flexibility in utilizing NDT-RAM™ for metal component part inspection
Dec 21, 2005New Air Bearing Shaker Increases Frequency Range to 20 kHz
Dec 20, 2005NEW TEDS Frequently Asked Questions Released
Jul 31, 2005NEW WEBSITE
Jul 31, 2005Test and Measurement Equipment Rental Inventory Expansion
Jul 28, 2005Free Parts Nondestructive Testing
Jun 21, 2005New Air Bearing Shaker Simplifies Accelerometer Calibration
Jun 21, 2005NEW Larson Davis SoundTrack® LxT AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL
Mar 1, 2005NDT-RAM™ is the Ideal for Powdered Metal Part Testing
Feb 1, 2005NEW ICP™ LaserTach™ Simplifies Acquisition of Rotating Speed Signals
Jan 27, 2005New Air Bearing Shaker Simplifies Accelerometer Calibration