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NDT-RAM Systems Selection Guide
Capstan Atlantic Factory
Capstan Atlantic Factory
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NDT-RAM Case Studies

Using Resonant Inspection for Whole Body Inspection of Parts

Capstan Atlantic Abstract

NDT-RAM (Non-Destructive Testing Resonant Acoustic Method) offers an approach to product testing that presents distinct advantages to manufacturers.  At least, the people at Capstan Atlantic think so.  Since 2003, they have been using this state-of-the-art technology that utilizes sound to completely and reliably test product quality. 

“The NDT-RAM unit we’ve employed in our manufacturing process has enabled us to provide one hundred percent product testing,” says Vice President of Engineering Rich Slattery.  “To put it simply, it provides a peace of mind that lets us sleep at night.” 

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Urick Ductile Solutions Abstract

Urick Foundry, a manufacturer of complex ductile iron castings, found that NDT-RAM (Non-Destructive Testing Resonant Acoustic Method) from The Modal Shop offers advantages over alternative quality testing methods. Since 2005, Urick has been using state-of-the-art NDT-RAM technology to completely and reliably test each casting they produce.

“We have 14 NDT-RAM units now at each of our production stations doing 100% inspection on the ductile iron parts we manufacture. The setups are consistent and easy to operate. They all network to a central database for excellent product control,” says Foundry Director Dan Mayton.

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