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NDT-RAM Systems Selection Guide
NDT MAN System Image
NDT MAN System Image
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Manual Non-Destructive Quality Test System – NDT-MAN

Resonant Inspection for Onsite Evaluation and Spot Checks

Resonant Acoustic Method is designed to help deliver fully inspected parts, economically and on time.  Every component has a unique resonant signature or pattern that reflects its composition.  NDT-RAM™ detects deviations from the expected signature or pattern.  The NDT Manual System has all the core components necessary for Resonant Inspection, including the smart digital controller, impact hammer, microphone, software and rugged travel case.  The system provides a completely portable solution for quality testing of a wide range of components and is ideal for spot testing, part investigation and troubleshooting.


  • Simple - pass/fail result is returned by the NDT-RAM system
  • Compact - fits easily inside a laptop case
  • Portable - ideal for spot checking in the field
  • Versatile - ideal for new part set-up, investigation, troubleshooting
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Product Included

  • NDT-RAM Criteria Setup Guide
  • NDT-RAM Software Installation CD
  • NDT-RAM Software Manual
  • NDT-MAN Hardware Manual
  • LanSharc™ Smart Digital Controller
  • Calibration Certificates
  • Laptop
  • Instrumented Impact Hammer with Spare Impact Tips
  • Acoustic Pickup Microphone
  • Miniature Tripod
  • Rugged Equipment Case

Support Services

System Specifications


Part Types Component parts with high stiffness
Maximum Analysis Range 50 kHz
Minimum Analysis Range 500 Hz
Frequency Resolution 512 to 32,768
Analysis Modes Spectrum or Scaled
Available Criteria Ranges 20
Trigger Input Setting Input channel 1 or 2
Delay Processing Capability -50 to +200%
Data Logging Peak frequency and amplitude
Spectral Logging Toggle on/off
Digital Input Solid state relay, qty 4
Relay Setup via Software Normally open or normally closed
Relay Duration, Settable >0.1 seconds
Data Overlay Up to 1500 traces
PC Comm Configuration Includes internal Ethernet and/or serial
PC OS Windows XP, Vista or 7

Mechanical Specifications


Equipment Case Size (LxWxH) 21¾ x 17 x 8½ inches
Equipment Case Weight 20 lbs

All of the NDT-RAM systems are ideal for 100% inspection requirements of manufacturers or users of powder metal, metal injection molded (MIM), castings (including ductile iron), forgings, stampings or welding. NDT-RAM provides screening for cracks, chips, holes, out-of-tolerance dimensions, variations in hardness, residual stress, bonding failures and heat-treating processes. Manufacturers that have significant inspection costs (either material or labor costs), produce or use safety-critical parts, have substantial scrap costs due to false rejects or simply want to improve their part quality can benefit from NDT-RAM technology.

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