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Brazed Powder Metal Components
Brazed Powder Metal Components
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Resonant Inspection for Sinter Brazing


"Resonant Inspection as an Automated NDT Method for Sinter Brazed Powder Metal Components"

With continued growth of powder metal components in the vehicle, particularly within the power train, the requirement for defect free manufacturing has driven suppliers to seek out cost effective methods of 100% inspection.  To achieve zero defect (“Zero PPM”) output cost-effectively, manufacturers are making the commitment to move to online, automated nondestructive testing (NDT) methods.  This type of online inspection requires accuracy, reliability, and high throughput.  Resonant Inspection is emerging as a very efficient method of structural defect discrimination and lends itself very well to 100% inspection of powder metal components.  This paper will present the fundamental principles of the resonant acoustic method (RAM NDT), on a structural basis, followed with RAM NDT applied to a variety of sinter braze integrity inspection applications.

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