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Firearms Acoustic Testing

The SoundTrack LxT® Sound Level Meter Kit KLxT-QPR was specifically designed for gunfire testing, including suppressor and silencer testing.  In product testing, the examiner is often tasked with determining whether the installation of a suppressor results in a “perceptible reduction” in the sound pressure level of a gunshot. The KLxT-QPR is an ideal tool for gathering, analyzing, and presenting detailed firearm noise data quickly, easily, and concisely. With a sleek ergonomic design, it is able to be held and operated with just one hand. See the following video for a demonstration of a firearms acoustic test.

With the included ¼” prepolarized pressure microphone, Model KLxT-QPR, is capable of reading the very high levels typically associated with gunfire testing. These readings can quickly be organized and stored on internal memory and exported to a PC for archiving and reporting. Reports generated include selectable noise parameters (peak, background level, max SPL, etc.) as well as calibration history of the instrument, important for courtroom presentations. 

All sound level meter rentals include NIST-­traceable calibration certificates. Rentals ship with a customer specific expected return date in mind. For example, if equipment is expected to be out for 5 months, the last calibration date will be within the past 7 months.

Key Model KLxT-QPR Hardware Features

  • Type 1 (Class 1) accuracy for courtroom traceability
  • Easy, one-handed operation and large, backlit LCD display
  • Simple setup specific to gunfire testing applications
  • Over 100dB Dynamic Range (38 - 140dBA in standard range)
  • RMS and Peak A, C and Z frequency weighting with slow, fast, and impulse detection
  • Microphone extension cabling supported to 60m/200ft
  • Over 16 hours of operation using 4 AA batteries included (30 hours with Lithium batteries not included)

Basic Setup for Firearms Acoustic Testing

Download a meter setup file for firearms testing. Download includes setup files for meters with and without ENV firmware. Please use the file appropriate for your meter. To download and extract the files:

  • Click the above link
  • At the bottom left of your browser window, you will see  RIGHT click on this and choose "Show in Folder"
  • The downloads folder will open, and the file will be highlighted.  RIGHT click on and select "Extract All"
  • Open the file MD-0445-revNR LxT QPR Setup File Import Instructions.pdf for further instructions

Check out the KLxT-QPR user guide for other options.