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SmartAmp Power Amplifier

Series 2100E21

The SmartAmp™ Power Amplifier is a high-quality, air-cooled, solid-state power amplifier designed for use with vibration shaker systems.  With 92% efficient operation, the SmartAmp™ conserves power and creates no extra noise in the test environment. Standard features also include intelligent capabilities such as real-time warning feedback for signal distortion and automatic shutdown of the supply signal for external fault conditions. Over-current and over-temperature protection help shaker users increase safety and improve performance.


  • Silent operation provides for a noise free test environment
  • Supplies 400W output power at 4Ω load impedance
  • Front panel, continuous gain adjustment up to 26dB 
  • Flat frequency response to 40kHz
  • Lightweight - just 8.5lbs (3.8kg) 

Amplifier Versions


  • 400W version - Designed for use with 2025E, 2060E, 2100E11 and 2075E shakers to drive optimum performance under natural air cooling operation.


  • 100W version - Designed for use with the 2004E and 2007E mini shakers. 


  • Calibration version - Designed for use with the K394B30 & K394B31 air bearing shakers used in conjunction with the 9155 Accelerometer Calibration System. The 2100E21-C version features the same specifications of the 2100E21-400 version plus additional integrated air supply control, current-regulated DC supply and pressure display.