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400B76 TEDS Sensor Interface Kit
400B76 TEDS Sensor Interface Kit
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TEDS Sensor Interface Kit

Model 400B76

The Model 400B76 TEDS Sensor Interface Kit offers the capability to communicate with TEDS sensors over the USB port of a Windows PC. With an intuitive graphical interface to the data in a TEDS sensor, the 400B76 reads TEDS from, and writes TEDS to, sensors with a single mouse click. Model 400B76 supports more TEDS templates than any other available TEDS sensor interface kit.

Model 400B76 represents one of the most advanced implementations yet of IEEE 1451.4, the new standard for mixed-mode TEDS sensors. The new software is powered by The Modal Shop's latest KTEDS-005 encoding/decoding engine, enabling read/write access to sensors with 256 bits of memory.

Operating on a Windows PC via the USB port, Model 400B76 reads and writes TEDS data using IEEE templates and the 3 templates established by LMS International. Support for these different templates has existed in various products from TMS, PCB, and LMS, but never before in a single product. Principle types of transducers supported are accelerometers, microphones, charge amplifiers, and microphone preamplifiers. Additional templates (for additional types of sensors) defined by sensor manufacturers are also supported by simply downloading text files from the template author.

  • Enables communication to TEDS Sensors from a Windows PC.
  • Supports more TEDS templates than any other available interface.
  • Flexible data decoding engine allows support of new TEDS templates by simply copying files.

Download the TEDS FAQ

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