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K2004E01 SmartShaker
K2004E01 SmartShaker
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SmartShaker FAQ

Common Questions and Answers about the SmartShaker

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General Questions

What is the SmartShaker™?

Why was the SmartShaker™ developed?

How can I use the SmartShaker™ for student labs?

Are SmartShakers™ available for loan or demonstration?

Who uses the SmartShaker™?

What are the advantages of the TMS SmartShaker™?


What do I need to do to start using the SmartShaker™?

What position can I use the SmartShaker™ in?

How can I use the SmartShaker™ as a shaker table or vibration control??

What can the SmartShaker™ be driven from?

Does the shaker stop in case of overload or over temperature?

What do the Status Indicators mean?

Why can’t I change the gain with my fingers?

Where can I find tips or video training on using the SmartShaker™?

Technical Specifications

What is the shaker frequency response?

What is the amplitude of the input voltage signal?

What is the SmartShaker™ maximum payload?


What is included in the in the SmartShaker™ package?

What is the foam on top of the shaker for?

What is a trunnion?

What are the EasyTurn™ handles?

How do I order stingers?


What is the general maintenance of the SmartShaker™?

I know the SmartShaker™ is extremely rugged but I parked my car on the armature and cracked the bond and it rattled. What do I do?