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SmartShaker FAQ

Common Questions and Answers about the SmartShaker

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General Questions

What is the SmartShaker™?

Who uses the SmartShaker™?

What are the advantages of the TMS SmartShaker™?


What do I need to do to start using the SmartShaker™?

What position can I use the SmartShaker™ in?

What can the SmartShaker™ be driven from?

Does the shaker stop in case of overload or over temperature?

What do the Status Indicators mean?

Why can’t I change the gain with my fingers?

Technical Specifications

What is the shaker frequency response?

What is the amplitude of the input voltage signal?

What is the shaker maximum payload?


What is included in the in the SmartShaker™ package?

What is the foam on top of the shaker for?

What is a trunnion?

What are the EasyTurn™ handles?


What is the general maintenance of the SmartShaker™?

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