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400B76 TEDS Sensor Interface Kit
400B76 TEDS Sensor Interface Kit
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What is TEDS?

What are the benefits and overall reasons for the creation of TEDS?

Is TEDS an approved standard?

What is the state of the union for TEDS?

What is The Modal Shop's progress on TEDS?

What is the rest of the industry doing on new TEDS?

Can I keep my P1451.4 (v0.9) version TEDS?

Is there anything like version compatability?

What about the software for my PCB power supply and signal conditioner that reads TEDS?

What about my data acquisition system's software to read TEDS?

If I want to program a TEDS sensor, what are my options?

What products are available to help me?

Who should I contact if I have a question on TEDS?

Roughly how many people are using TEDS?

What are some compelling examples of TEDS success?

Are there any mistaken applications of TEDS?

Sensor vendors are onboard, but is it a standard with all data acquisition manufacturers?

What TEDS formats are available for a particular sensor?

What type of access to the TEDS information is available with my data acquisition system?

I am a data acquisition manufacturer. How do I add TEDS support to my system?

What can I write in my TEDS? What are the formats/their use/specific content benefits of each format?

What is the front-running application for TEDS?

Can I change the contents of TEDS? RAM

Can I change the contents of TEDS? ROM

Can I change the format of TEDS?

Is there any databasing ability with TEDS?

Is there any capability for a customer to create a sensor database?

Is there a database of all template formats?

What about the NI virtual TEDS database?

How long does TEDS take (read RAM-write RAM-read ROM-write ROM)?

How long does TEDS take, in practical terms, on a multi-channel system?

How is TEDS technology integrated with ICP sensors?

What memory chips are supported?