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PulseDriver™ Pic
PulseDriver™ Pic
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Preamplifier/Divider for Tachometer Signals

The PulseDriver™ conditions a voltage pulsetrain from a magnetic pickup or similar sensor for input to standard ICP® sensor signal conditioners.  In addition, PulseDriver includes an adjustable divider circuit to compensate for 'N per revolution' pulse patterns.  Rather than boosting data acquisition sample rates to accommodate the high frequency content of these high frequency pulse patterns, test engineers can divide the pulse train down to a square wave with a fundamental frequency equal to the shaft speed.  Front-panel rotary switches adjust the divide frequency of the unit by up to 255.

Standard BNC input and output connectors connect the PulseDriver to the tachometer pickup and signal conditioners.  Either standalone ICP sensor signal conditioners from PCB Piezotronics or embedded signal conditioning common to most data acquisition front ends may be used.  This allows test engineers to acquire tachometer or speed sensor data using the same cabling used for vibration, acoustic, and strain data, simplifying their test setup and equipment configuration.

  • Simplifies the connection of tachometers to data acquisition systems through standard ICP sensor signal conditioning
  • Offers versatility with versions available for both magnetic and optical tachometer pickups
  • Eliminates need to oversample all channels due to high frequency tach signal by compensating for 'N per revolution' pulse patterns with integrated divider circuit
  • Simplifies cable management for dynamic testing of rotating equipment







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