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Digital Signal Conditioning in Your Pocket
Digital Signal Conditioning in Your Pocket
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Digital ICP - USB Signal Conditioner

Plug & Play Connectivity from The Modal Shop

Model 485B39: 2-channel, ICP (IEPE) sensor signal conditioner, BNC inputs, 24-bit USB digital signal output.

D485B39 front

A pocket-sized, dual-channel ICP® (IEPE) digital signal conditioner, Model 485B39 offers standard USB audio digital output. Plug & play signal conditioning makes for quick setup and intuitive functionality without the need for driver installation. The 485B39 powers ICP sensors through BNC connections while digitizing their signals over USB. Simply plug the unit into a USB port and view signals from accelerometers, microphones, hammers, or any other ICP-type sensor.

Existing third party windows, macOS, Android, iOS, or Linux software can be used to perform overall RMS measurements, FFTs, time waveforms, and octave measurements. The small form factor, versatility, and powerful software options make this the perfect tool for taking measurements on-the-go. Whether you're just learning about sensing, taking measurements on a daily basis, or simply want to add digital functionality to your existing sensors, the 485B39 will make a fine addition to your tool set.

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  • Easily save and share data on-the-go
  • Plug & play signal conditioning
  • Makes high quality measurement more accessible
  • Pocket-sized, USB powered, portable signal conditioning
  • Analysis options from time domain to RMS to FFT and more
  • Simplifies measurement chain without sacrificing quality
  • No driver installation required


  • Portable sensor digitization
  • 2-Channel ICP digital signal conditioning
  • 24-bit resolution with broad frequency range
  • Integrated USB cable provides one-piece solution
  • Works with a variety of software packages and development tools such as MATLAB, LabVIEW, and more

Connectivity & Compatibility:

  • Works with ICP (IEPE) sensors such as accelerometers, microphones, impact hammers, force transducers, and laser tachometers
  • USB connection for power and data transfer
  • Cross-platform compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS
  • See software matrix for full list

Optional Versions

  • V485B39 – Voltage inputs (no ICP supply current)
  • IV485B39 – ICP (CH 1), voltage (CH 2)