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9100 Series Mounting Kit

Mounting accessory kit for 9100 Series Portable Vibration Calibrators to adapt to 1/4-28 threaded mounting platform. Includes studs/inserts (1/4-28, 10-32, 6-32 and 5-40) and bases (for adhesive, magnetic and custom thread patterns).

Mounting Studs and Thread Adaptors

081B20 (qty 3)
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Mounting stud, 1/4-28 to 1/4-28 x 0.365" long, BeCu with shoulder



081A08 (qty 3)
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Mounting stud, 10-32 to 1/4-28 x 0.30" long, BeCu


081A27  (qty 3) 
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Mounting stud, 5-40 to 5-40 threads, without shoulder, BeCu



9155-MNT32 (qty 3)

Thread adaptor, 10-32 internal thread x 1/4-28 external thread, BeCu



9155-MNT38 (qty 3)

Thread adaptor, 6-32 internal thread x 1/4-28 external thread, stainless steel




Mounting Bases


Calibration mounting adaptor

0.625” hex flat base for sensors with 5-40 integral stud, stainless steel. For 1/4-28 threaded shakers




Calibration mounting adaptor

1" hex flat base for adhesive mounting sensors, stainless steel. For 1/4-28 threaded shakers



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Sensor mounting pad

1" diameter, 1/4-28 threaded hole, stainless steel mounting pad, for adhesive or magnetic sensor mounts





Universal Transducer Adaptor Circular Plate

Circular plate for custom mounting holes to be drilled and tapped. Includes 1.75” diameter x 0.25” deep generic mounting pad (stainless steel), 1/4-28 flat head cap screw, and a 5/32" hex wrench





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Loctite 454 - Quick bond Gel (for use with accelerometer adhesive mounting bases to fill gaps on rough surfaces)