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Accelerometer Calibration Workstation
Accelerometer Calibration Workstation
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9155 Accelerometer Calibration Specifications

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Basic 9155 System Specifications

Frequency Range 5 Hz - 2 kHz with 9155D-875 High Payload Shaker Option
  5 Hz - 15 kHz with 9155D-830 Air-Bearing Shaker Option
  5 Hz - 20 kHz with 9155D-831 Air-Bearing Shaker Option
  0.5 Hz - 100 Hz with 9155D-771 Low Frequency Shaker Option
  0.1 Hz - 100 Hz with 9155D-779 Low Frequency Shaker Option
  Shaker Options are modular and may be combined in a single system to provide the most extended frequency range
Typical Measurement Uncertainty1, 2 1.70% (5-9 Hz)
  1.20% (10-99 Hz)
  0.75% (100 Hz)
  1.00% (101 - 920 Hz)
  1.40% (921 - 5,000 Hz)
  1.90% (5,001 - 10,000 Hz)
  2.20% (10,001-15,000 Hz)
  2.80% (15,001-20,000 Hz)
Calibration Method Applicable standards per ISO 16063, IEC 61094-5 ANSI B88.1 as appropriate
Measurements Sensitivity, Amplitude, Phase, Bias, Resonance5, Linearity5, Shock5, Shunt5, DC Offset, Bridge Resistance, DC Sensitivity
Operation Types ICP®, Charge, Voltage, Capacitive3, Piezoresistive4, CVLD, 4-20 mA Current Loop, Visual Output Sensors (aka meters)
Sensor Types Vibration Acceleration, Shock Acceleration, Acoustic Microphones, Dynamic Pressure
TEDS Sensor Support IEEE 1451.45, IEEE P1451.45, Siemens LMS formats5
Excitation Type Stepped Sine, Multi-sine
Calibration Data Management Yes
Automatic pass/fail Classification Yes
Measurement Units English, Metric
Input Power 100-120V or 220-240V at 48 to 62 Hz
Calibration Run Time <90 seconds7


1 Random component estimates significantly affected by shaker selection and environmental conditions
2 Best measurement uncertainty available with recalibration of reference sensors via primary standards
3 Capacitive sensors supported in base s/w.  Capacitive sensor signal conditioning available as 9155D-445 option
4 Piezoresistive sensors supported in base s/w.  Signal conditioning available as 9155D-478 option
5 Optional features
6 Shaker dependent, limited by stroke and load capacity
7 10 Hz to 20 kHz at 1/3 octaves

Accessories Included

  • PC with Printer
  • 9155 Calibration Software (see Software Features)
  • Data Acquisition Hardware
  • Database Software
  • System Verification Sensor
  • Various Mounting Adaptors and Cables
  • Uncertainty Budget Procedures
  • On-Site Installation and Training

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