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Wind Farm and Wind Turbine Noise Monitoring
Wind Farm and Wind Turbine Noise Monitoring
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Wind Farm and Wind Turbine Noise Monitoring

Sound Level Meter Noise Monitoring Solutions

Wind energy is a renewable energy source being harnessed globally to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and the associated impact on our environment. However, the environmental impact of turbine and blade pass noise is a concern that is carefully monitored and generally regulated. It is very important to be able to acquire accurate acoustic measurements in any weather condition for analysis, noise impact predictions, and regulatory compliance.

The Modal Shop offers several Larson Davis Noise Monitoring Systems to provide short to medium term monitoring capabilities for collecting a variety of data, from basic noise measurements to GPS and weather data utilizing the Model 831 or LxT sound level meters. The Model 831 and LxT can be used in the normal handheld mode for walk-around measurements onsite as well. Using DNA software from Larson Davis the collected data can be further organized into meaningful reports to understand the patterns or nuances of noise created from wind farms.

Wind turbine noise monitoring is a critical tool to manage a wind farm's relationship with the community and with the local regulatory organizations as the push for renewable energy sources grows. The Modal Shop keeps these Larson Davis noise monitoring solutions readily available for you when the need for noise monitoring arises.

The NMS-SE-FF system utilizes the LxT sound level meter with the EPS042 weather resistant enclosure to provide 15 days of continuous monitoring per battery charge (eight D-cell battery pack) with the ability to log time histories, 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands and community noise metrics. More information on the LxT and preconfigured kits can be found here.

The Model 831 sound level meter can be paired with the same EPS042 enclosure to provide nine days of continuous monitoring or can be used with traditional lead acid batteries (ranging in size from 21 Ahr to 100 Ahr) with charger to provide longer run times. In addition to time history logging, octave band analysis, and community noise metrics, the Model 831 is also able to log GPS data, weather data and take event sound recordings to help identify a noise source. Please note that additional power is required for weather sensor use. More information on the Model 831 and preconfigured kits can be found here.

If real time data and control of the monitoring station is needed, the NoiseTutor system, which utilizes the Model 831 sound level meter, can be used. It is capable of publishing real time data to the web for anyone to view as well as sending real time alerts via email using a wired Ethernet, WiFi, or cellular internet connection. Data can also be published to an FTP site for download and analysis remotely - no need to visit the site. The web publishing feature makes it a great tool to keep the community up to data and engaged during noise studies. More information on the NoiseTutor and preconfigured kits can be found here.

If you should have any questions please contact us at rental@modalshop.comor 513.351.9919.