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Request a Free Parts Test

Find Out if NDT-RAM is Right for You

The Modal Shop offers FREE feasibility testing to assist you in determining if the Non-Destructive Testing Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAM) technique is appropriate for your NDT needs. Please complete the form below, providing as much information as possible.

Upon receipt, a member of the NDT Team will contact you to confirm the details of the parts test and discuss the number and type of parts to be tested; or begin the NDA process, if required. The Modal Shop will either issue an RMA tracking number, or schedule an onsite visit for the parts testing. If you are issued an RMA tracking number, please make certain to indicate this RMA number when shipping parts to The Modal Shop to ensure timely processing of your test.

More information regarding the parts test can be found in the Test Parameters and Guidelines section located at the end of this form.

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Application Information

Part Specifications
Additional Notes

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  1. For most part types / manufacturing processes, please prepare 30–50 conforming parts and as many non-conforming as available of each type of defect from one day's (lot's) production.

  2. The specific quantities for each part test / part number will be discussed and finalized upon contact by a member of the NDT Team

  3. Non-conforming parts must be representative of defects that occur naturally during the manufacturing process. Drilling, grinding, cutting, or crushing conforming parts is not an acceptable alternative to providing naturally occurring defects.

  4. Please have all parts packaged separately by lot and marked as conforming or non-conforming.

  5. Please do not send parts to The Modal Shop without an RMA number and shipping approval from an NDT representative.