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Industrial Vibration Quarterly - Preview
Industrial Vibration Quarterly - Preview
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Industrial Vibration Quarterly - Issue Archive

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11 Create Prox Probe Curves - No Housing Removal Required

Need to make static or dynamic probe curves? See how to use the model 9100-PPASH Proximity Probe Adaptor Stinger Holder to test proximity probes without risking damage from removing the probe from its holder. Plus, understand how the PVC is different from the Wobulator.

10 HOW TO: Low Frequency MEMS Accelerometer Validation

Learn how to validate low frequency, high sensitivity DC MEMS accelerometers in the field with The Modal Shop's latest video. Plus, get a sneak peak of our newest accessory for the Portable Vibration Calibration. Model 9100-PPASH makes calibration and troubleshooting of proximity probes easier than ever.

9 Improve Fleet Readiness and Turbine Uptime

View a video to learn how to calibrate a charge accelerometer to avoid costly, unnecessary sensor replacement, and to improve aircraft fleet readiness or turbine safety and uptime. In addition, see how a portable vibration calibrator ensures quality in Petasense's Industrial IoT Assest Monitoring System.

8 Your Portable Calibrator Can Now Do More!

Need to calibrate a vibration analyzer or vibration meter? Learn how to calibrate vibration analyzers such as the Emerson CSI 2130 in this new video. Plus, see a demonstration of how to calibrate a GE Bently Nevada TrandMaster* Model 20150 Accelerometer.

*TrendMaster is a trademark of Bently Nevada, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric Company. Use of the trademark does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by the owner.

7 Can a Portable Vibration Calibrator Improve Fleet Readiness?

See how running pass/fail tests on velocity sensors helps promote safety and save money for aircraft fleets. Check out the latest news on cost effective, plug and play vibration monitoring solutions. Plus, learn about using a new version of the calibration workbook to create NIST-traceable calibration certificates for vibration analyzers and meters.

6 Checking Portable Shaker Reference Accelerometer for Drift

Learn how to do a quick and easy check of the reference accelerometer inside your shaker, this check might allow you to extend your factory calibration interval. Discover how sensor mounting methods affect measurement results. Plus, a method for testing 3-pin -24 V DC reverse polarity powered sensors with a Portable Vibration Calibrator.

5 Making the Most of your Downtime? Automate Repetitive Vibration Loop Checks

Learn how to quickly validate vibration alerts and alarms at multiple machine running speeds with a portable shaker table with optional firmware updgrades. Plus, telemetry products that help protect assets in the Energy and Power Generation sector.

4 Verify Vibration Linearity, Accuracy, and Shutdown Logic in Seconds

How can you simplify the often time-consuming process of testing a vibration monitoring system per API 670 requirements? Learn how to streamline the loop check and calibration process with CALROUTE, a firmware upgrade for portable vibration calibrators and shakers. Plus, tips for understanding the scaling of current output signals from 4-20 mA vibration transmitters.

3 Could Accelerometer Drift be Masking Increased Vibration?

Learn more about using a Portable Vibration Calibrator to adjust your vibration analyzer to account for sensor drift, preventing hidden, rising vibration levels. Plus the introduction of a new plug-and-play USB digital accelerometer and discussion on a USB sensor power supply for the 9100D Portable Shaker Table.

2 Safetly Critical: Testing Vibration Alarms for 4-20 mA Sensors

Take an in-depth look at 4-20 mA vibration transmitters and how they can be tested to ensure plant safety. Learn more from real-life stories of how vibration monitoring has enhanced safety and resulted in cost-savings, plus a tip about portable shakers and their payload capability.

1 Alarming Situation: Proximity Probe Cable Length Mistakes

How can connecting a proximity probe to the wrong length extension cable create false or late vibration alarms? Walk through the steps of how to detect and correct this common problem. Learn more about online vibration courses, machine reliability, and how to help your plant become more desirable in the insurance marketplace.