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Condition Monitoring Solutions for Power Generation
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Акустические и вибрационные испытания

Компания The Modal Shop разрабатывает свои решения для максимального упрощения и удобства проведения испытаний заказчиками, позволяя увеличить производительность и обеспечить простоту использования наших решений.

News & Events rental calibration vibration testing
April 14, 2021
NCSL International Technical Exchange
February 9, 2021
January 21, 2021
Condition Monitoring: Solutions for Safety and Uptime
January 14, 2021
White Paper Published: Quality Inspection of Gas Turbine Blades Using NDT-RAM
January 7, 2021
Lattice Structure Inspection in Additively Manufactured Parts: New Research Published
November 5, 2020
Safety Critical - Vibration And Noise Monitoring
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Rental Program Details
Rental Overview
Why Rent?
Sound and Vibration Rental FAQ
Single Axis ICP Accelerometers
Triaxial ICP Accelerometers
Sound Level Meters
Larson Davis Sound Level Meter Rental
SLM Specifics
Microphones and Preamplifiers
Headphone Test Fixture
Structural Test Products
Kits for Mini, Modal, and Dual Purpose Shakers
Modal Impact Hammers
Wheel Force Transducer
SWIFT Evo Wheel Force Transducer Rentals
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Dynamic Sensor Calibration
Accelerometer Calibration Overview
Why Calibrate Accelerometers?
Calibration Standards
Discussing ISO 16063
Система калибровки датчиков вибрации
калибровочный вибростенд на воздушных подшипниках
Динамическое давление
Dynamic Pressure Calibration Systems
Turnkey Microphone Calibration Workstation
Portable Automation
K9145D10 Automated Portable Calibration
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Vibration Applications
Modal Excitation Tutorial
Modal Shaker FAQ
Educational Resources
Selection Guides
Electrodynamic Exciter Family
Vibration Shakers
Miniature Inertial Shaker System
75 lbf Dual Purpose Shaker
Modal Exciters
Modal Exciter 60 lbf
Modal Exciter 25 lbf
ICP Sensor Signal Conditioners
Digital ICP - USB Signal Conditioner
Portable USB-ICP Signal Conditioner
TEDS Products
TEDS Sensor Interface Kit
OEM Licensing of TEDS Developer Tools
Rotational Products
LT2 - LaserTach™
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ndt industrial portable calibration
How NDT Resonant Acoustic Method Works
Resonant Acoustic Method
NDT Systems
Automated Non-Destructive Quality Test System - NDT-AUTO
Non-Destructive Small Part Quality Test System – NDT-DTF
Off-Line Non-Destructive Quality Test Station - NDT-TS
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Industrial Applications
Vibration Alarm
Machine Condition Health Monitoring
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Portable Shaker Tables
9100D Portable Shaker Table Vibration Field Tester
9200D Low Frequency Portable Shaker Table
Portable Vibration Calibrators
9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator with Sensitivity Display
9210D Low Frequency Portable Vibration Calibrator
Industrial Vibration Quarterly Newsletter
Safety Critical - Vibration & Noise Monitoring
Vibration Switch Validation
Testing USB Programmable Electronic Vibration Switch
Proximity Probe Calibration
Proximity Probe - Eddy Current Probe - Calibration
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